(9) Legacy Onward Through The Ages

…appears in HeadStone Tribute and Home Sweet Home…

No. My father’s legacy has not set with the sun.

His footsteps upon this earth will continue in the footsteps of my children and grandchildren who bear his name.

I am my father’s daughter and we share many attributes. My children and grandchildren also share many characteristics of their grandfather.

I have the blessed joyfulness to see my father in my children and I am especially humbled to see him in my grandchildren. Mannerisms, chuckles of laughter, a look with a smirk, a comment made with smiling eyes, a phrase spoken in his way…it’s all there, my Dad. Living and breathing in the present.

It’s those moments of instant recognition that catches my breath in my throat. I pause in silence in those instances. I can’t actually put into words this déjà vu like moment. It’s humblingly breathtaking though. And what makes it extraordinary is that it happens in the most ordinary of times.

I’ve heard many times how much I’m like my Dad, but it’s incredibly profound to see my father transcend through the generations and he is prevalent in each, since him.

I’m especially moved how my children regarded their grandfather with genuine respect, love and happiness to be with him.

And as they have grown into adulthood and have taken lead in their own lives, I’m eternally proud of how respectively mindful each are in honoring with true esteem, true love and true pride their family legacy.

Each holds family sacred and carries their own legacy in the making forward. But it is their loyalty to my father’s legacy that will stand the test of time. Because it is upon my father’s generational family traditions that I built mine. And upon mine, my children are building their respective family’s legacy. This is Our Legacy Onward Through the Ages, forevermorre.

Each generation threads the family tapestry of sacred traditions of old and new into theirs, and we take each forward through time, side by side. Our loving intent and fierce loyalty in threading of our legacies together, is our true testament to family.