(10) evermorre

…appearing in HeadStone Tribute and Home Sweet Home…

I am a Grandmother now…Gammy J Evermorre.

For always and forever is my signature mom-ism. It’s how I’ve signed cards and letters and was my motherly goodnight sentiment to my dear children tucking them into bed, “goodnight, sweet dreams and I love you for always and forever.”

My dear children are adults now, and as sweet sentimentality was awesome when they were younger, signing off our conversations with such gush as adults isn’t so much. I’ve held their hands for awhile, but I’ll have their hearts forever. In heart and in soul, I am forever and for always, Mom who is in love with my wise and humanitarian-hearted kids.

AND now, it is my privilege and overwhelming delight to embrace my heartfelt sentimentality in my new role as gammy J. I have new peoples to call my own. Four extraordinary, gorgeous and significantly brilliant blessed younger peoples… my grandchildren. Gush, Gush, Gush and Gush.

A little over the top with such sentiment about my peoples and how perfect they are? Nobody’s children and grandchildren are that perfect, you say? Oh I don’t know about that dearie, because mine are.

I am joyful of this beautiful, new and wonderful role in life. And as our family continues to grow, I am rest assured this generation with their modern touches will build upon the one left by my father who built upon his father’s, and our family’s legacy will continue forevermorre.