grandmother always knows best. she was a mother first, after all.

this site, in the vast world wide web, is my legacy to my three grown Darhlings. This special little corner of the world is filled with familiar antidotes, new wonderment, and surprises only a mom can get away with.

AND for my favoritest people in the whole wide world, my four (thus far!) precious GrandDarhlings, I continue to share my lifetime of learnings and experiences.

And for the rest of you, Welcome to gammy J evermorre’s Home Sweet Home. Come in, stay awhile and wOnder around the categories…you never know what you may find.

Who has Inspired gammy J ?

Well my dear, it’s three utmost extraordinary Human Beings who have inspired me simply because they are unwaveringly kind, genuinely caring, inherently loyal and just solid good people (good, fair, honest is too modest). They all naturally possess humble true-hearts in doing good for others AND are of exquisite charm and moral character…

…Who Have Made Me Most Proud,

of their divine mischievous tendencies; their quick wit, sassy whimsy AND damn clever sense of humor…

…And Who Have Gifted Me My Most Precious and Prized Possessions,

Happy; and Laughter; and Bright, Shiny Pride (Bragging Rights). All of my forevermorre Darhlings, make me not only laugh… they make me Happy... pure and simple Happy.

I warm in their beauty and brilliance of intellect, love and compassion. Evermorre.

Oh, I know dear reader, you’re saying to yourself, gammy J is over the top cause nobody’s children and grandchildren are that perfect. And I suppose you have a point, dear, but mine are.

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